Workout Support (AMINO & BCAA ) in Oman : the best brands and prices

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  1. BPI Sports Best Aminos 25 Serving Brand: Challenger

    BPI Sports Best Aminos BCAA + Glutamine Powder, Fruit Punch, 25 Servings:

    • Delicious flavor
    • Natural and artificial flavors
    • BPI Sports powder for muscle repair and recovery
    • Provides extra strength, power and endurance
    • Can be added to water
    • Ideal for intense workouts
    • Helps prevent muscle breakdown during exercise
    • Easy to take on the go when prepared
    • Large container with multiple servings
    • Helps maintain an active lifestyle
    • Pack size options: single, 2 pack


    Health Concern: Energy Support

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    As low as OMR5.90
  2. BPI BEST GLUTAMINE-Snow Cone Brand: BPI Sports


    Glutamine helps rebuild muscles and promotes recovery after rigorous training.

    Supports Lean Muscles

    Glutamine is an amino acid, the building block of muscle. Proper supplementation can help prevent muscle breakdown

    so you can build upon your physique.

    Promotes Glycogen Replenishment

    Glycogen (carbs) is used by your body to fuel intense workouts. By supplementing with glutamine,

    you promote muscle glycogen resynthesize, which supports your efforts to train harder and longer.

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