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  1. The 9 benefits of the elliptical for your body

    The current offer of exercise machines is so wide that it is common to doubt which one is suitable for oneself. Each gym machine has some characteristics and allows different benefits. The benefits of the elliptical make it one of the most popular machines to exercise at home or in the gym. We tell you what are the benefits of doing elliptical every day and why it is interesting to use this machine for your training.

    Benefits of the elliptical for your body

    1. Absence of impact on the joints

    There is no doubt that one of the main benefits of the elliptical for the body is that it allows you to exercise without causing an impact on the joints. Above all, this means protecting the joints without the risk of impact injuries. And if you already have problems in these due to age, overweight or previous injuries, it is ess

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  2. Shopping guide : elliptical bikes

    The elliptical combines all the benefits of a stepper and a treadmillThis fitness machine reduces the impact on the joints and becomes the most suitable solution for all those who suffer some type of knee, back, ankle injury, etc.

    The ellipticals facilitate cardiovascular training without impacting the tendon since the feet always keep in contact with the pedals of the bicycle. The smooth movement exercises the large muscles of the upper and lower parts.

    By changing t

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  3. How to combine Spinning sessions with gym training ?

    The Spinning class tends to be one of the biggest queues it causes in a large number of sports centers. This indoor cycling activity has become terribly popular thanks to its combination of exercise on the exercise bike with the musical support and motivation provided by the instructor.

    These are very intense sessions with a high energy expenditure, making them ideal for burning calories in the gym and releasing adrenaline. However, although some prefer to limit themselves to aerobic activities , it is always better to complete.

    But Spinning is a demanding activity,

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  4. HIIT by exercise bike | High intensity bike training

    If you are bored of pedaling on your home or gym bike at a monotonous pace, we suggest an alternative: high-intensity interval training by bike . Ready to hit HIIT ?

    For stationary bike , for when you practice spinning or even if you dare with the mountain or road bike . Here we propose some exercises to burn fat quickly with pedaling.

    HIIT on exercise bike

    At home or in the gym, you can start your HIIT training routine , in this case on a bike.

    Do not forget to warm up for about five minutes at

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  5. Exercise bikes

    The stationary bikes t rabajan the lower part of your body and give you a great cardiovascular workout. When you are buying a stationary bike, determine what kind of bike you want, what kind of resistance you want it to have and what kind of response you want to get from it.


    In specialized sports stores, you can find three types of stationary bicycles  as indicated:

    • Upright Stationary Bikes: On traditional upright exercise bikes you sit in a traditional bike seat while pedaling.
    • Dual Action Bikes: Dual action upright bikes with movable arms help you exercise more inten
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  6. The spinning bike, the fashionable sports item

    Everyone with a minimal knowledge of sport and the world of gyms has ever heard of spinning as a sport. It is considered the most ideal exercise to burn fat and lose body weight and it is undoubtedly becoming one of the most popular sports of the moment .

    Spinning bikes are different from conventional exercise bikes in that they allow the person using them to pedal without sitting in the seat . This is key in this type of bicycle because it is what makes energy consumption and calorie burning much higher. It is also a type of exercise that is designed to work the entire body , from the arms and shoulders at the top to the legs and hips at the bottom.

    The large number of advantages of this article for sp

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  7. 3 easy exercises to burn calories on the exercise bike

    Moving your legs on an exercise bike will help you lose that abdominal fat that many want to eliminate from their belly. The exercise on stationary bike , especially cardiovascular, helps us lose fat and gain muscle mass. A consistent weekly program consisting of an intense driving interval and a change of rhythm will help you burn calories and stimulate fat removal to lose weight at home or lose weight in the gym . Next we are going to show you various training modalities to burn calories on an exercise bike  and get in shape in no time with the help of this device.

    1. Moderate intensity training on the stationary

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  8. Exercise your abs on the bike with these tips

    Did you know that cycling can help you have a steel abdomen? You are right! This sport is ideal for toning the muscles of the lower body but also the abdominals thanks to the posture and strength that you do with the exercise. But, in order to strengthen the abs with the stationary bike , you have to follow a series of guidelines that will help you focus part of your effort on this part of your body.

    For this reason, we are going to discover how to exercise your abs on the bike, giving you some of the best tips that will help you achieve this.

    How to work the abdomen on the bicycle

    You can get to work the abdominal area by going on a stationary bike  or practicing cycling in a very effective way thanks to the fact that thi

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  9. 7 benefits of training on the exercise bike that you did not know

    The exercise bike is one of the classics of physical exercise and daily training in any gym or sports center. However, there are also many people who choose to have an exercise bike at home and get on it every day, because this device brings them many benefits.

    If every time you go to the gym you wonder if it is good or not to spend some time from your training to exercise on the exercise bike , we will tell you all the benefits that this machine will bring you and soon you will leave doubts.

    Is it good to do an exercise bike every day?

    Definitely yes. Spending a few minutes every day in the training routine on the exerc

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  10. How to start training at home with the exercise bike?

    One of the purposes that we all set ourselves when the new year comes is to start leading a healthier life, practice physical exercise and take care of food. Do you also intend to start 2020 on the right foot? Do not hesitate to ask for an exercise bike .

    The exercise bike is a fitness device that gives us many advantages. One of them is, precisely, that we can get in shape without having to go to the gym, since you can easily install it anywhere in the house or room. The user of an exercise bike can decide when and how they want to exercise. In this way, you will have greater freedom and you will not be conditioned by the schedules set by the gyms

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