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  1. Treadmill Buying Guide for Omani people

    Treadmills are one of the most popular cardio machines for the home since they provide us with a simple but efficient aerobic workout. When buying a treadmill, there are many aspects to take into account, such as your budget or the goals you have set for yourself.

    Selection by use or location

    In our catalog you will find four well differentiated lines. In each of the products individually you will find the label that shows which range it belongs to:

    • Domestic Line : they are products 100% adapted for use at home
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  2. Cardio machines : 5 tips to use them correctly

    Cardio exercise is perfect for burning excess fat accumulated and achieving excellent muscle tone. Take advantage of the equipment available in your gym and take note of some tips to use cardio machines correctly , below.

    The exercise bike or the spinning bike 

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  3. HIIT or LISS : which cardio exercise is better for losing weight?

    It goes without saying how good it is to play sports . People do physical exercise for endless reasons. For starters, it helps us to be in better shape, we are physically better and it makes us enjoy better health . But not only that, but also, emotionally it makes us be in a better mood and intellectually helps us to concentrate. But if there is a popular reason to jump into exercise, it is undoubtedly to lose weight . Have you already tried  HIIT or LISS to try to lose weight ? We tell you if you should choos

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  4. Tips for running on treadmill

    If you are going to start running on a treadmill , the most appropriate is that you do not get on and start running. There are a number of treadmill tips that will help you get the most out of this sport.

    The running is fashionable and so more and more people decide to start running . But not everyone has the necessary time or conditions. So the treadmill is a good alternative.

    Recommendations for running on treadmill

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  5. How to start training with the treadmill at home ?

    At this time of year, one of the purposes that we all set ourselves is to get in shape and get a good figure for next summer. If you don't have time to go to a gym every day, treadmills are a good alternative to get fit at home .

    And it is that the treadmill is one of the most suitable devices to train without leaving the house, especially during the cold winter months, in which the low temperatures do not invite you to go running outside.

    One of the advantages that the treadmill offers is that it allows us to exercise every muscle in our body in a totally natural way. In other words, it is a 

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  6. 3 routines to train at home with the treadmill

    Is it possible to get fit from home with the treadmill? If you have set yourself the goal of losing weight, improving your cardiovascular performance, or starting to exercise regularly, running will be the perfect sport. It is a complete discipline that will help you improve your health and your physique.

    What are the benefits of having a treadmill ? Not having a place to train or in bad weather can be an excuse. However, if you have a treadmill at home, you can create your own schedules and do sports a few minutes before going to work or when you get home. First of all, it is essential that you know which are the best treadmills based on your needs. Among the

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  7. 9 compelling reasons to train on the treadmill

    Are you one of those who likes to train on the treadmill or, on the contrary, do you prefer to go running outdoors? Surely on more than one occasion you have heard that running on the street is much more beneficial , however, the treadmill also has its advantages. If you're going to start treadmill running , here are 9 compelling reasons to train on the treadmill. We hope they convince you!

    Why exercise on the treadmill?

    There are many myths and false beliefs that circulate around the famous treadmill, a

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  8. 6 tips to improve your treadmill workouts

    It is a basic machine in any gym that you can also have at home to run whenever you want without having to go out and optimize your workouts to the maximum. Find out how to get the most out of your treadmill with these tips. Keep reading!

    If you practice running , the treadmill is an excellent tool that can help you improve your running technique , avoiding injuries , while gaining running speed and endurance. Training on the treadmill does not have to be boring because there are many benefits that it offers you so that you can enter variables in each session. Increase the incline, move backwards or laterally, increase the resistance level, modify the stride ... Take note of everything you can do on the treadmill.

    How to train better on the treadmill ?

    Monotony and lack of motivation are the main problem when running on the treadmill, but with the following tips y

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  9. The treadmill : how to take advantage of all its benefits

    Do you like running ? Do you use a treadmill to train ? Treadmills are an alternative to outdoor runs, which you can train at any time and place without having to be aware of weather conditions.

    When you start running on the treadmill , you not only have to be clear about the comfort and the time you save practicing the exercise. You must also understand how it works to avoid setbacks and problems in achieving results. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of the treadmill , you have to have clear basic premises.

    What you should take into account

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  10. Benefits of treadmills

    Before going to the treadmill models that you can find in our space, we want to tell you about all those benefits that these machines have and that are gaining people's trust day after day. Seen this way, having a tool of these characteristics to exercise is a way to win from the first moment since, in addition to the fact that we do not have to be leaving and entering the house to feel good, there are also the most economical copies for a element that will last a lifetime.

    What are the advantages of walking on a treadmill?

    The benefits of running on a treadmill are a reality that the vast majority of us know but there may be one that escapes you or you want to be reminded so that you

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