Monthly Archives: March 2020

  1. Is it good to spin?

    Spinning is a very fashionable sport in recent times because it offers good results for health. However, some tips to avoid injuries should be taken into account. Know if spinning is good for you or not.

    Spinning is an aerobic exercise that is performed on a stationary bike, in a gym and under the guidance of an instructor or teacher.

    Also called “indoor-cycling,” spinning is an excellent exercise for strengthening the muscles of the legs and hips, and because of its aerobic nature it helps boost the functioning of the heart.

    In addition, the different routines of the classes contribute to exercise other parts of the body, such as arms, neck and back.

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  2. Is it possible to get a flat stomach in two weeks?

    To lose weight quickly and get a flat stomach  there are no miraculous products. To achieve a healthy and fit physique the most important thing is to change our lifestyle habits and be consistent with a series of dietary and sports patterns.

    With determination and willpower it is possible to lose weight, and also get a flat stomach. To do this, as we mentioned, first of all we must adopt a balanced and healthy diet that is appropriate to our particular case. In addition, regular sports will be essential.

    We are aware that adopting these habits is not always easy. Therefore, and especially at the beginning, our recommendation is to go to a specialist to help us, both with diet and physical exerciseA good coach can teach us what activitie

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  3. Find out the keys to losing fat

    Anyone could tell you that to lose weight, what you need is to eat less and exerciseHowever, things are not exactly like that. Indeed, there are other habits that are the keys to losing fat.

    Find out what these keys are to start your metabolism and accelerate fat loss.

    First, it sets a realistic goal and specific weekly goals to reach that goal. However, don't be too strict with yourself and find a balance.

    Also, don't forget that sleep helps your body recover  and fight fat. Indeed, sleeping less than seven or eight hours can increase appetite and slow down your metabolism. 

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