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  1. What exercises treat sagging after weight loss?

    Adopting an exercise routine is one of the things we can do to combat sagging after weight loss. Training that includes aerobic and physical resistance activities can help us regain that muscle and skin firmnessDo you want to discover some options?

    Benefits of physical exercise

    Many of us know that the regular practice of physical exercise brings us vitality and health. What we may not have so present is that, over time, it is one of the best things we can do to have a good quality of life . which are your main benefits?

    According to research pub

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  2. How exercise influences memory and learning ?

    You need to find time to do physical exercisesExercise is not only good for the body, but for mental health as well. In this article we tell you how physical exercise improves memory capacity and facilitates learning.

    The importance of practicing physical exercises

    According to a study published by the UAB , physical exercise can be helpful in keeping calm from daily stress . Practicing it makes us respond better to the action of the hormone cortisol, which puts us in better conditions to achieve our goals while maintaining health.

    In addition, WHO confirms that regular physical activity

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