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  1. The best exercises to grow shoulder muscles

    For fitness lovers, we have prepared 4 of the best exercises to develop shoulder musclesIn most cases, you do not need to be an experienced user to carry them out.

    Exercise shoulders

    The muscles of the shoulders are some of the ones that we use the most every day . Among them are:

    • Supraspinatus muscle: Abduction or separation of the arm.
    • Subscapular muscle: Internal rotation.
    • Infraspinatus muscle: External rotation.
    • Deltoid muscle: Performs extension, flexion and abduction.
    • Pectoralis major muscle: Approximation, flexion and extension.

    The exercise

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  2. 5 exercises to reactivate blood circulation

    The practice of some healthy habits can help to reactivate blood circulation to relieve some ailments and prevent diseases. Physical exercise, for example, helps to facilitate the venous return of the legs and, therefore, prevents or relieves discomfort such as inflammation, heaviness.

    Its regular practice starts the blood flow throughout the body and, in turn, strengthens the arteries and veins to prevent deterioration . In addition, it is one of the allies to reduce the presence of cholesterol and toxins, both linked to circulatory diseases.

    The best thing about encouraging yourself to exercise is that you don't have to go to a gym or specialized training center to

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