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  1. Walking, an easy exercise to get fit and stay healthy

    Many people do not know, but walking is one of the best ways to exercise . As it is something natural for the body, it does not generate a feeling of fatigue as quickly as other types of activities and, in addition, it is one of the easiest ways to start adopting a daily sports routine.

    As long as it is done at a rapid pace, it brings the benefits of cardiovascular exercise by increasing the heart rate, strengthening muscles and burning calories.

    The best of all is that you can start incorporating little by little every day, so that it does not generate discomfort and it is easier to increase its intensity as the body gets used.

    There are many factors that determine the pace with which you must walk to exercise . For example, one must take into account age, physical conditions, as well as height and weight.

    It is known that an elderl

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  2. What is muscle fatigue and how can you avoid it : get the most out of your workouts

    If you are fond of sports, you will probably have to stop some training because, simply, a feeling of loss of physical capacity that prevents you from continuing invades you. This phenomenon is called muscle fatigue and announces that if we do not change any habit, you will most likely suffer a more serious injury in the near future.

    The symptoms of muscle fatigue are easily recognizable. It all begins with a sudden sensation of muscular heaviness and extreme exhaustion, which is followed by an increase in the heart and respiratory rate. These signs are accompanied by a severe coordination and, ultimately, anxiety and feeling of discomfort.

    What causes muscle fatigue?


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  3. 6 exercises to refine and shape your waist

    Beyond the desire to have a slim and toned figure, what many women crave is to lose centimeters of their waist so that their body looks more molded and feminine .

    Although diet is a good way to achieve this , the exercise remains one of the main keys to get the desired results.

    Mostly, the extra pounds in this area are the result of a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. However, genetic and metabolism issues also influence .

    Leaving the cause aside, there are several training routines with which you can work locally to shape your waist in a short time.

    This time we are going to share 6 simple exercises that you can do at home to shape and refine your waist.

    1. Static o

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  4. Habits and exercises to mold your waist in a short time

    Do you want to mold your waist in no time? To achieve this goal, you need to put into practice certain habits and exercises in which you must be persistent.

    Today we are going to see 4 habits and exercises that you can start putting into practice from today , without excuses, to shape your waist. They are very simple and do not require great effort, only of perseverance and willpower.

    How to shape your waist ?

    1. Healthy eating

    To shape your waist you have to pay attention to your diet . Is it rich in saturated fats? Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables? In the event that you feed improperly, it wi

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  5. 11 tricks to not leave the gym after the first month

    Starting and not leaving the gym is difficult for many people. In addition, it requires discipline and love what you do. Maybe it has ever happened to you, you sign up to start the gym, buy new clothes, improve your diet and even plan your daily routines. You follow a diet and do sports, but after the first 15 days you are tired and leave the gym.

    The motivation of the first days has been exhausted and for some reason you begin to feel that the routine you had planned for the week is no longer so transcendental. If you feel identified, take note of these 11 intelligent ways that will help you not to leave the gym, and make daily sports an important part of your life.

    Tricks to not leave the gym after the first month

    Get motivated with these 11 tricks that will help you not to leave the gym , and to make sport an essential part of your life.

    1. What do you want to get?

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  6. 8 things you should never do in the gym

    If you go to the gym regularly, you probably already have your own set of habits . However, be careful, because they may not be the most appropriate.

    To check, take note of this list of things you should never do in such a place.

    Behaviors you should avoid in the gym

    Here are a series of civic rules that should always be applied in the gym .

    Although there will be days when the influx of people is greater, that does not mean that when there are few people you do not have to be educated.

    1. Do not leave sweaty devices

    It is a civic issue. Do not leave sweaty appliances.

    • To do this, remember to 
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