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  1. 6 exercises to get rid of abdominal fat at home

    To reduce abdominal fat, in addition to following a balanced diet, it is essential to perform localized exercises and increase both time and intensity to achieve better results.

    Most people are aware that abdominal fat is very difficult to eliminate and requires a lot of effort. Unfortunately, after falling into sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, the abdomen is the area that reveals more weight.

    In response to the need to wear a more stylized and healthy figure, nowadays we have found multiple ways to lose weight in that area and achieve the desired measures.

    However, many continue to fail in their attempt to achieve a flat stomach, since beyond a good diet and slimming creams , it is essential to perform physical activity. This habit is decisive to increase energy expenditure and also to tone and strengthen the muscles of this region.

    As we know that many have the excuse of not being able to attend

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  2. The best gym machines to burn calories and tone

    Gym machines are useful for weight loss and toning. To achieve your goals and not injure yourself you must plan your routine with a coach, work gradually and accompany the training with a healthy diet.

    Have you ever wondered which gym machines benefit you most? In reality, this depends on the objectives you set. Gym machines allow you a variety of exercises, aerobics and anaerobics . In other words, gym machines are good not only for weight loss, but also for toning muscles.

    In fact, sometimes, after a regular and continuous exercise plan, you may notice that your body has improved a lot. However, possibly, you have not lost weight. What happens is that your body has converted fat into muscle mass. You have reduced the amount of fat but you have toned your muscles. This would be a very desirable result.

    To achieve this, it is also necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle that inclu

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  3. Benefits and dangers of crossfit : what you should know

    Crossfit is a sports discipline that can bring significant benefits when practiced properly. However, it carries some risks that it is convenient to know. Discover them!

    The crossfit is a high intensity sport that has managed to spread throughout the world. Although its initial objective was to prepare people with jobs of high physical demand, today it has adapted to all types of audiences. Do you know the benefits and dangers of crossfit ?

    Although this type of training is quite attractive for those who want to lose weight, increase muscle mass and gain resistance, there are some disadvantages that should be considered before your practice. Next we review it in detail.

    What is crossfit ?

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  4. 5 sports with multiple health benefits

    Practicing sports is very necessary, but there are some types of sports that provide many health benefits.

    There are some sports with multiple health benefits. Although we know that playing sports is something very healthy, we may look for something specific .

    For example, increase our resistance, calm our mind, learn to breathe much better, gain flexibility, and so on.

    Depending on what our body needs and what we are looking for, it will be better for us to choose one sport or another.

    For all this, today we will discover some sports that have multiple benefits. Perhaps some of them have never practiced them and you discover a new passion.

    Sports with multiple benefits

    We have chosen 5 sports that we believe bring benefits that may interest you.

    Discovering what each one can give you will help you know what is best for you . Are you ready to find out?

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  5. The bosu, an instrument to improve your fitness

    By performing our exercises on this hemispherical basis we manage to work many more muscles since, in addition to the activity in question, we must focus on maintaining balance.

    The BOSU (Both Sides Up) is an instrument for the physical exercise of recent incorporation in the training of sports professionals. Little by little it becomes habitual of the gyms, either as a complement to perform toning exercises or using it in directed classes.

    Discover in this article what this hemispherical platform consists of and how you can benefit from it. You'll see how you want to try it!

    What is the BOSU?

    The BOSU is a platform in the form of a half sphere with a rigid base, as if it were a half ball. It can be used on both sides, multiplying its p

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  6. Practice boxing to get fit

    Boxing can sound intimidating, however, fitness boxing is an activity that ensures a toned, molded and strong body. It is an innovative way to get fit and improve coordination and reflexes.

    Have you ever wondered how good boxers are in the fight? In this article, learn about fitness boxing , the training that will make you look as strong as a boxer. Keep reading!


    Boxing is a sport in which you fight inside a ring with gloves. In addition, it has certain rules, movements and clothing necessary to be practiced correctly.

    This sport is hundreds of years old; in ancient Greece it was fought without any glove, bu

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  7. What is the recommended time for a yoga practice?

    To obtain the greatest benefits of a yoga practice it is convenient to include it as part of our routine and dedicate a specific time to its realization every day.

    Yoga is an ancient discipline native to India. The objective of this art is the search for balance and happiness. To do this, the person uses relaxation and meditation practices that join him, in silence, to his spiritual or divine part. But what is the recommended time for a yoga practice? When is the best time?

    In this article we invite you to delve into this technique so that you can get the most out of it , whether you practice it in a group or if you do it individually. Let yourself be seduced by yoga, which today has become a lifestyle for people who want to improve inside and out.

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  8. Benefits of swimming, the most complete sport

    You can take advantage of the multiple benefits of swimming for better physical and mental health. Find out more in this article.

    Swimming is one of the favorite sports of many, but it is also one of the most recommended by doctors. It is an excellent therapeutic method to improve several health problems. The benefits of swimming will help us have better health.

    It is a sport that can be easily practiced throughout the year, and is ideal for any age . Therefore, there are many doctors who advise parents to practice swimming. Both for them and for their children, given its multiple benefits.

    Benefits of back swimming

    One of the reas

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  9. What are hypopressive exercises?

    Hypopressive exercises are a set of physical exercises to recover from abdominal and pelvic floor dysfunctions. Do not miss this article!

    Hypopressive exercises are, in reality, a program of physical exercises developed by Belgian physiotherapist Marcel Caufriez.

    During his stay in the uro-gynecology department, Marcel designed a set of sequences of physical exercises that had a very clear objective: to help patients who suffered the consequences of an abdominal postoperative period . This also includes women who have given birth and are in the postpartum phase.

    In recent years, they have gained adherents and the concept of hypopressive abdominal gymnastics will sound to you. These exercises are designed to recover from abdominal and pelvic floor dysfunctions .

    Executing a good hypopressive technique is not easy. Therefore,

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  10. What are the benefits of yoga for health ?

    The benefits of yoga include both the psychological and the physical level, since the performance of the postures also favors our internal organs.

    Living in a state of constant stress threatens our happiness by making us more vulnerable to disease. You can get yoga benefits for your health if you decide to practice this discipline.

    In this article we share what are the positive effects that yoga generates in our mind, body and soul. Find out below!

    Benefits of yoga

    For starters, yoga offers multiple tools for a healthier lifestyle . Some people go to this p

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